Ace Co

About Us

AceCo Precision Manufacturing is a diversified solutions provider of precision CNC machined components for multiple industries. Our focus for over 25 years has been high-tech industries such as Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, and Solar; and we are continually expanding our capabilities and certifications to serve a wider audience of industries seeking complex, high-quality, and competitive machining solutions.

Our experience with manufacturing components for capital equipment used in Semiconductor manufacturing naturally bridged over to refurbishment and repair of high vacuum and electro-mechanical components and sub-assemblies. In 2005, we established a dedicated repair facility in Boise, Idaho, and in 2011 we established roots in Singapore in order to serve our clients in the Asia Pacific Region.

In 2009, AceCo established itself in the Orthopedic Implant Industry by partnering with Scott Humphrey, a renowned Orthopedic surgeon and inventor to develop and manufacture the Cuff Repair Plate (CRP)™ from Shoulder Options, Inc. AceCo received its ISO13485:2003 registration in 2009 and has capabilities to machine complex geometries and features of implants.

AceCo is employee-owned and has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Boise, Idaho USA. AceCo has a repair facility in Singapore and has sales offices and distributors around the globe.



AceCo’s highlights include CNC Milling, Turning, Swiss Turning, and Engineering and Analysis.  In addition, AceCo provides repair and refurbishment, cleaning, and surface finishing services.


AceCo’s global presence is supported by a network of distributors and direct sales representatives.

Room To Work

~50,000 square feet of manufacturing space with two facilities in Boise, Idaho.